Into the abyss: Scientists explore one of Earth's deepest ocean trenches

What lives in the deepest part of the ocean--the abyss? A team of researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) will use the world's only full-ocean-depth, hybrid, remotely-operated vehicle, Nereus, and other advanced technology to find out. They will explore the Kermadec Trench at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Hubble pictures deepest-ever view of space

Astronomers have pieced together the deepest-ever view of the universe, peering back more than thirteen billion years.

Chinese sub dives over 5,000 meters

Following a successful test dive in the Pacific, Chinese scientists say they're on course to complete one of the world's deepest ever dives next year.

Chikyu drill prepares to pierce Earth's mantle

The world's deepest drill is currently being prepped to pierce the Earth's enigmatic mantle.