EA appointed by Disney for Star Wars deal

While many hoped that once George Lucas got his paws off the Star Wars franchise things would get better, it appears that the new owners -  Disney - might be headed for similar daft decisions.

White House takes on Death Star petition

The White House has repsonded to a now infamous petition for the government to build a Death Star, which clearly isn't a cheap or easy proposition. I mean, even the Empire couldn't get it done right.

Building a Death Star with government help

We recently ran a story on TG Daily about the cost of building a real Death Star.

What price the Death Star?

Recently, several publications tried to calculate the theoretical net worth of Batman and Iron Man, including what it would cost to maintain their lifestyles and develop those cool superhero gadgets.

Back to the Future: When Doc met Marty

Yes, yes, we're all annoyed as hell by the trend of prequels because everyone has to know everything about a movie's lore. 

Solar prominence - or UFO?

Is this a picture of a Death Star-type UFO refueling on the surface of the sun? Well, no.

This Star Wars model has 30,000 Lego pieces

A Florida teacher has built a model of the (second) Death Star landing bay out of 30,000 Lego pieces.