Google and Dish said to be planning wireless network

Google's ambitions are pretty broad - and it may be about to move into a whole new area. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's in discussions with satellite TV company Dish about launching its own wireless service.

Mozilla renews search deal with Google

Google will be the default search engine for Mozilla's Firefox for a further three years, following the extension of the deal between the two.

Netflix scoops DreamWorks streaming deal

Netflix has won a deal to stream movies from DreamWorks Animation - the first time a major studio has chosen web streaming over pay TV.

Google shuts Realtime Search after Twitter deal expires

Google Realtime Search, which incorporates results from the Twitter firehose, is down, after the company's deal with the micro-blogging site expired without being renewed.

Microsoft to power Baidu's English language searches

With Google having pulled out of China over censorship concerns, Microsoft spotted an opportunity and has signed a deal with Chinese search engine Baidu to provide it with English language search results.

Facebook may sign with Spotify for music streaming feature

European online music streaming service Spotify may be coming to US shores, through a deal with Facebook.

Google and FTC clinch deal over Buzz SNAFU

Google has clinched a deal with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to address privacy concerns related to the controversial launch of Buzz in February 2010.

US and EU approve Microsoft-Yahoo mega search deal

The US and EU have approved a mega search deal - without restrictions - between Microsoft and Yahoo.