Today's teens set for early hearing loss?

As many as a quarter of today's teens could start losing their hearing in their thirties, say Tel Aviv University researchers studying the effects of MP3 players.

Disability campaigners welcome internet bill

Using smartphones and the internet should become much easier for blind and deaf people, with the passing of a bill forcing providers to make their products more accessible.

Personal music players may be making teens deaf

A new study has reignited the debate on whether iPods and the like cause hearing loss. Abbey Berg of New York's Pace University tracked 8,710 girls, whose average age was about 16, for 24 years. She found that during this period, high-frequency hearing loss — a common result of too much noise — nearly doubled, from 10.1 percent in 1985 to 19.2 percent.

Huge increase in deafness linked to iPods

IPods and MP3 players may be making teenagers deaf, new research suggests.