Enrolling at ZombiU

It's rather difficult to keep track of all the zombie games out there, although many of them certainly have their own distinguishing qualities.

The horror games of Halloween

With Halloween nearly upon us, not only are there tons of great frightening movies to watch, but a lot of horror themed games you can play too.

Dead Island: Riptide fights the zombies

Two of the greatest zombie films, I Walked With a Zombie, and Lucio Fulci's Zombie, both take place on islands, and the Dead Island game evoked rather fond memories of the Fulci classic for me.

From Dead Island to Project Hell

It's a crossover idea that's pretty much a no brainer. Zombies. Video games. Right! 

The top zombie games of all time

We just reported on how it's been a tough time for geeks this summer with the loss of Nintendo Power magazine, and it's been somewhat of a difficult few months for vampires too.

Where horror and video games intersect

"If you were to turn out the lights and play Doom 3 on a large monitor and wear headphones, it’s probably a lot scarier than most movies will ever be."

New zombie film based on Dead Island trailer

Lionsgate, which recently released Conan the Barbarian, and is currently working on the Hunger Games adaptation, confirmed that it has purchased the film rights to a Dead Island trailer.

Dead Island: A first person shooter weighs in

I first became aware of the game Dead Island through a friend, who was raving about it on his Facebook page. 

Inside the Dead Island zombie game

Zombies have been everywhere for years now. They are still America's favorite monsters and have permeated many areas of popular culture, from literature to gaming, hence the game Dead Island.