FBI issues cyber heist warning

The FBI has warned that cyber criminals are launching DDoS attacks against banks and their customers to divert attention from high-stakes digital heists.

Analysis: Is Anonymous a real political movement or a lame gag?

The mysterious hackers of Anonymous have been more busy than usual this week. But are they a legitimate movement or a bad joke?

God hates hackers, says Westboro pastor

Those entertainingly extremist religious nutters at the Westboro Baptist Church say they're being attacked by Anonymous - but Anonymous says it's doing nothing of the sort.

Anonymous launches Operation Yemen

Cyber activists affiliated with Anonymous have launched a digital campaign against websites operated by the government of Yemen.

Operation Payback causes massive service interruptions

An ongoing campaign of DDoS attacks against 11, high-profile global targets has caused more than 550 hours of downtime and 742 service interruptions since September 17.