DC provides new website with lots of relaunch info

After months of picking up on rumors and leaks, we’ve now got all the info direct from the publisher.

Full cast of JLA relaunch revealed

In what may have been an accidental leak, a screen-printer has released an image of the fifteen-hero team.

Green Lantern series gets trailer

The long-awaited official trailer has finally been released for Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Full DC relaunch list revealed

We now have a comprehensive list of every DC title which will be released as part of the relaunch event.

More details announced for DC’s September relaunch

DC has announced its plans for Green Lantern lines, as well as the digital pricing model.

DC’s future full of #1s

DC Comics is resetting all of their comic book lines later this year. Will it be the kick they desperately need or just another fruitless stunt?

Time Machine Review: The red flags and fathers of Red Son

The 2003 graphic novel is a thought-provoking alternative time-line tale.

Post-film plans for Green Lantern

There are now three major projects planned for the Green Lantern property after this summer’s hopeful blockbuster.

Stock and Trade: Wayne Enterprises

In Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring Wayne Enterprises.

Superman: Man of Steel will tie into the comics more than expected

New plot details for the upcoming Superman reboot movie show that it’s likely tied very closely to the current origin canon from the comics.

Stock and Trade: LexCorp

Often when the protagonist of a speculative narrative must struggle against an unfeeling world, that world is represented by a faceless conglomerate, a near-governmental corporation which seems to control facets of society wherever the character looks.

New Green Lantern footage released at WonderCon

An extended trailer for the new Green Lantern movie was shown at WonderCon, giving us all a much better look at what is being planned for Hal Jordan.

Not just Batman, entire roster of JLA disconnected

The decisions being made about the Justice League movie canon is worse than we ever thought possible.

Re-Rebooting Batman

Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced that after Dark Knight Rises, the Batman story will rebooted one more time to fit in which their plans for the DC movie universe.