Gay Green Lantern is most powerful hero of Earth 2

DC has revealed that in next month’s issue of Earth 2, we’ll see a reboot of the ‘golden age’ Green Lantern character, Alan Scott.

The Dark Knight Rises TV spots fight in the light

Warner Bros. has released a trio of TV spots for the conclusion of the Batman trilogy.

LEGO Batman 2 trailer shares the spotlight

The LEGO DC Heroes video game will arrive sooner than we thought.

Why Fox News is wrong about DC's gay comic book hero

Over a year ago, DC announced that it would not be changing the sexual orientation of any characters in the New 52. Now, that stance has ‘evolved’.

Arrow preview makes the point

The CW has released a preview video for its upcoming super hero adventure serial Arrow.

The losses of Earth 2 #1

Earth 2 is one of the new lines introduced to DC’s New 52 to replace some of the poorly performing comics, and has set itself up to be quite an epic tale.

Dark Knight Rises trailer has given everything

Warner Bros. has released a long-form trailer for its upcoming super hero action film The Dark Knight Rises.

World’s Finest preview seeks a new life

DC has released a preview of its upcoming super hero comics line. World’s Finest follows the adventures of an alternate super hero team from Earth 2: Power Girl and Huntress.

This is Before Watchmen art

Before Watchmen will cover the back stories of each of the major characters in the original graphic novel.

LEGO app moves the super heroes

LEGO has rolled out a new iPhone app which allows users to easily create stop motion videos.

Superman Beyond preview stops the car

DC has released a preview of the inside pages of its upcoming alternate future superhero comic Superman Beyond.

Final Nolan Batman film novelization announced

Titan Books has announced that it will be publishing an adaptation of Warner Bros. upcoming Batman trilogy conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises.

DC’s summer plans for He-Man and Uncle Sam

DC has confirmed that it will be resurrecting two comics classics this summer.

Costume revealed for Arrow

The CW has revealed the first image of Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow costume from its upcoming dramatic television serial Arrow - which is loosely based on Green Arrow from DC Comics.

Before Watchmen crew gets together

DC has released a new promotional image for Before Watchmen, which features all of the major characters together.

Arrow casting picks up CW regulars

This fall, The CW is bringing us a new look at DC’s Green Arrow. The playboy turned crime-fighting archer will receive a new origin story, along with a rather complicated family life.

Smallville continues - as a comic book

DC Entertainment has announced that Smallville: Season 11 will be part of this year's comic book line-up.

Leaked poster spoils Man of Steel details

An anonymous source has leaked an image of what appears to be a promotional poster for the upcoming Superman readaptation, Man of Steel.

Beyond Watchmen covers released, Moore comments

The news about the Watchmen prequel is only a day old, yet we already have more information about the upcoming books.

DC shakes up the New 52

The New 52, DC’s - so far successful - attempt to build new audiences by restarting all of its super hero lines, is in its fifth month.