Going Behind the Scenes With DC Comics

Even though DC Comics has Batman, lately they’ve been coming in second to Marvel, who’ve been cruising along on the incredible success of The Avengers, Iron Man, and Thor. But recently DC has been working very hard to catch up, and they’re keeping fans abreast of their progress with All Access. 

DC Comics Leaves Its New York Home After Over 70 Years

While Marvel are currently the comic kings, especially at the movies, DC has been making a lot of effort to catch up. At first, we figured Batman was done at the movies with The Dark Knight Rises, but he’s of course coming back in Batman Vs Superman. 

Old school Batman is back

Today’s generation may find the Batman of the 60's rather silly, but we wouldn’t have the modern Batman we know and love today without the TV show.

Wonder Women trailer gilds the bodice

PBS and Vaquera Films have released a trailer for the upcoming pop culture documentary.

Superman Unbound brings the machines

Warner Bros. has posted a trailer teasing its upcoming animated adaptation of the superhero.

Review: The promises of The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel by the same name (actually four books, starting with The Dark Knight Returns), which is set in the same version of Gotham as Frank Miller's Batman: Year One.

Y: The Last Man film gains momentum

New Line’s graphic novel adaptation finds a director.

Dark Knight Returns clip rushes the bat

Warner Bros. has released a clip teasing the upcoming conclusion to its animated Batman adventure.

Arrow preview is a killer

The CW has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming second half of the first season.

The Justice League film coalesces

Reports are circulating about what the heroes in the Justice League may be like.

Sci-fi legend Harlan Ellison teams up with DC Comics

In the world of genre literature, there are several names that are synonymous with great sci-fi. Ray Bradbury. Arthur C. Clarke. Isaac Asimov. Philip K. Dick.

Man of Steel trailer saves the bus

Warner Bros. has posted the first full-length trailer for its upcoming Superman reboot.

Snyder talks Man of Steel and Justice League

The director of the new Superman film offers an in-depth look at the newly redefined superhero.

Dark Knight Rises special features clips pack on the pounds

Warner Bros. has posted a pair of clips from the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight Rises.

DC Comics lineup hits major e-bookstores

The entire lineup of DC Comics is now available for direct download from all major e-bookstores, including Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBookstore and B&N's Nook.

LEGO Batman The Movie trailer 'assembles' the Justice League

Warner Bros recently released the first full trailer for its upcoming animated super hero comedy.

Video: A closer look at CW's Arrow

The CW showed off a teaser at this year's New York Comic-Con for its recently premiered super hero adaptation.

The Lego sets of New York Comic Con

LEGO showed off a tall stack of new sets from their various genre-media partnerships at this year's NYCC.

Review: The instincts of Arrow

Genre fans saw the first episode of the new Green Arrow adaptation this week. It's not bad, but it's certainly not Green Arrow either.  

A new Lois for a new Superman

The DC Universe has shifted the way the character of Lois Lane meshes with Clark Kent. Will the world follow along?