How Iron Man helped crush Batman and Superman

Okay, so it's only in box office terms, but this awesome chart from the Economist says it all. Of course, in the real world, the kind of real world, Superman would just wipe the floor with everyone. Am I right? Am I right?

DC is ready for a Justice League movie

Superhero flicks are insanely popular today with films like The Avengers raking in over $1 billion globally and The Dark Knight Rises poised to shatter box office records - genre or otherwise.

Don’t call it a reboot for Marvel

We recently ran a report about the comic business and how well Marvel stacks up against DC. 

Marvel vs. DC: Who came out on top?

With Marvel fielding the third biggest movie of all time with The Avengers, and DC about to have a huge smash with The Dark Knight Rises, you just know the two films are going to be compared to each other.

Gay superheroes vs. one million moms

I can't believe how vocal the opponents of gay marriage have been lately, especially considering that we have far more important things to worry about in this country, like the economy being in the toilet, the environment, and the war in Afghanistan.

Video: Google's self-driving car goes to DC

Google's self-driving car made the rounds this week in DC as Mountain View lobbied lawmakers and interest groups to endorse its autonomous vehicle technology.

Iron Man debut comic sells for $375,000

DC Comics experienced a big turn around last year when the company essentially reinvented itself and actually managed to outpace Marvel in sales.

Dark Knight before the Avengers?!

The news has just broken that The Avengers is indeed a terrific film, and should do mega business when it hits theaters on May 4.

Aquaman getting a new run

Aquaman has long been a laughable superhero, but DC plans to change that with their new take on the character.

The Green Lantern vortex

With the new movie coming out, I've been thinking about the Green Lantern, and how much his story has been screwed up over the years. 

It's like he's the dump story for all of DC's mistakes; Green Latern is the story where DC lets themselves experiment with crazy ideas, but then never follow through.

DC Universe won't go Online until 2011

Bad news, comic book nerds. DC Universe Online has been pushed back to 2011 after the developer hit snags in testing the beta networks. Problems are likely linked to the game's ambitious ability to play over PS3 and PC in the same online world.