Video: DayZ devs showcase loot spawning system

DayZ developers have posted a video showcasing a number of features from the upcoming standalone zombie killing video game.

DayZ Standalone delayed, release date unknown

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that it is delaying the long-awaited release of the stand-alone DayZ. 

The undead strife of the DayZ Bounty mod

We've covered the ARMA II DayZ mod numerous times over the past few weeks and remain excited about the upcoming stand-alone game from Dean Hall and Bohemia. 

DayZ mod a collaborative effort

The recent DayZ mod "half-done" patch represents a collaborative effort between devs and the DayZ community.

The co-existence of DayZ and War Z

The zombie genre has certainly experienced a resurrection of sorts in recent years, bolstered by TV shows such as The Walking Dead and video games like the original DayZ mod for Arma.

DayZ devs focus on interior design

We've talked quite a bit about DayZ in recent weeks, a game which actually started off as a zombie mod for Arma II and was subsequently picked up by the studio behind Arma as a standalone title.

DayZ FPS stays on target

DayZ is a zombie-centric FPS currently under development by the studio responsible for the wildly popular Arma II.

Yes, DayZ is headed to Xbox Live

We at TG are definitely stoked about the upcoming stand-alone DayZ title - which evolved from a humble Arma II mod to one of the most popular FPS Zombie games on the PC.

The top zombie games of all time

We just reported on how it's been a tough time for geeks this summer with the loss of Nintendo Power magazine, and it's been somewhat of a difficult few months for vampires too.

DayZ FPS might make it to game consoles

DayZ is probably one of the most successful PC video game mods ever developed, having racked up over one million downloads since going live earlier this year.

DayZ mod to become a standalone zombie killer

Zombies are all the rage on television and in video games. Perhaps this is due to the insane popularity of the The Walking Dead, an on-screen adaptation of the comic book created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.