Defense wants sentence reduced for WikiLeaks suspect

The civilian lawyer representing Pfc. Bradley Manning has asked a military court to reduce any possible sentence by at least 7 years due to harsh treatment while in custody.

WikiLeaks trial could last up to 6 weeks

A US military judge has finally set aside six weeks for the long-awaited court martial of Bradley Manning. 

WikiLeaks suspect in torture claim

WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning is asking several military psychiatrists to testify at an upcoming pretrial hearing that he was held in custodial conditions so harsh they amounted to torture. 

WikiLeaks trial may be a sham

A civilian lawyer for Pfc. Bradley Manning has accused US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of making "prejudicial" comments about the former army intelligence analyst.

Claim: WikiLeaks suspect knowingly aided enemy

The US government claims to have proof that WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning knowingly passed state secrets to a location where it would almost certainly be obtained by enemy groups.

WikiLeaks prosectors ordered to conduct "due diligence"

Military judge Col. Denise Lind has ordered Army prosecutors to account for their actions after the defense alleged the Pentagon withheld evidence from lawyers representing Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Claim: WikiLeaks suspect can't get a fair trial

Bradley Manning's defense team has accused the US government of deliberately attempting to prevent the former army intelligence analyst from receiving a fair trial. 

Government ordered to disclose WikiLeaks docs

A military judge has ordered the Obama administration to disclose a number of confidential documents related to WikiLeaks.

Pentagon suppresses WikiLeaks documents

The Pentagon is currently refusing to release 250,000 pages of documents assessing the damage and fallout related to the transfer of classified documents to WikiLeaks by Pfc. Bradley Manning. 

Is the Pentagon withholding WikiLeaks evidence?

Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing a total of 22 charges - including aiding the enemy - after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst ended up on WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks suspect seeks dismissal of 10 counts

Pfc. Bradley Manning is seeking the dismissal of no less than 10 criminal counts against him.

Did WikiLeaks suspect aid the enemy?

Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing charges of aiding the enemy after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst  ended up on WikiLeaks.

Judge won't dismiss charges in WikiLeaks trial

A US military judge has refused to dismiss charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning.

WikiLeaks suspect wants charges dismissed

Pfc. Bradley Manning - who was recently charged with aiding the enemy  - stands accused of leaking thousands of classified documents that ultimately ended up on WikiLeaks.