British government porn filters block tech sites

It is just as we predicted, British Prime Minister, David Cameron's wonderful "save the children" porn filter is just another attempt by the Tories to prevent people finding out information.

China like Internet filters; so does British PM

British Prime Minster David Cameron has found support for his internet crackdown from the People's Republic of China.

UK prime minister threatens to censor press

UK prime minister David "one is an ordinary bloke" Cameron has threatened the British press that he will bring in censorship if they do not do what he tells them.

British government isn't going to ban all Internet obscenity

It may just keep soft core porn because who else is going to watch Cinemax. We're off to the pub now to avoid all the accusations that we are porn obsessed even though we don't make the news; just report it.

Eric Schmidt says Google is a country, not a company

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Go Ogle, was in Oxford yesterday, speaking at the Sheldonian about goodness knows what. It was probably attended by ass lickers, big time.