Grand Canyon formed during age of dinosaurs

The Grand Canyon is dramatic enough today - but imagine it with roaming dinosaurs. It now appears that it's been around for 70 million years, a good 65 million longer than believed.

Tests confirm 'John the Baptist's bones' could be the real thing

New dating evidence supports claims that bones found under a church floor in Bulgaria could be those of John the Baptist - although of course they could equally well belong to his contemporary Fred the Goatherd.

Ancient stencils may show Neanderthal hands

The well-known cave paintings at El Castillo in Northern Spain possibly weren't produced by modern humans at all, say scientists, but by Neanderthals.

World's oldest musical instruments identified

People have been making music for thousands of years longer than thought, new dating evidence shows.

Geek dating show now a reality

God knows it’s an idea whose time has obviously come. Frankly, I’m amazed it hasn’t happened sooner, but apparently there’s a show called Geek Love the Learning Channel will premiere on December 18.

Moon may be millions of years younger than thought

A new analysis of a piece of lunar rock indicates that the moon is much younger than previously thought - or else scientists have been dramatically wrong about the way in which it was formed.

Man creates dating site for one

Attention matchmakers: there is someone so desperate to get hitched he will award $10,000 to the person who hooks him up with a bride.

Geeks get more girlfriends, says survey

Internet access gets you laid, according to sociologists, who say it increases the chances of being in a romantic relationship.

GPS killer app: stalking, er, I mean flirting

Location based services are going to be hotter than a junebug dancing on a fat man's grill. Flirtatious dating site hottie is hitting the "droid."