Android malware poses text threat

The latest malware designed for Android forwards a copy of your SMS to Russian criminals.

Robots get their own internet

Scientists have turned on a web-based database specifically for robots, designed to let them share information about their behavior and environment.

Titanic passenger records released online

With interest in the sinking of the Titanic reaching, well, titanic proportions, genealogy site has released thousands of records online relating to the passengers and crew.

FCC database to track stolen phones

The Federal Communications Commission is hoping to drastically reduce cellphone theft with the introduction of a new, national database of phone IDs.

Google admits stealing Kenyan rival's customers

Google's admitted that its staff scraped a Kenyan competitor's database to try and steal its customers.

Facebook partners with WebSense to protect users from dodgy links

Facebook's teamed up with security firm Websense to check every link users click on for malware.

Police arrest man over Nintendo extortion

Spanish police have arrested a hacker who attempted to blackmail Nintendo over stolen customer information.

Google launches tool tracking cultural trends

Google and Harvard University have launched a searchable database of over five million books - about four percent of all books that have ever been printed.

Database lists endangered languages

The World Oral Literature Project (WOLP) has taken a leaf out of the biologists' book, and launched an online database of the world's disappearing languages.

Sex offenders left unmonitored as tagging system goes down

Around 16,000 sex offenders and prisoners on parole were left unmonitored for 12 hours last week, as a crucial database hit its limits.

Foursquare checks out for 11 hours

Foursquare experienced two outages yesterday, the longest lasting about 11 hours, thanks to an unexpected database problem.

Spanish researcher wants us all on her database

Look, we'd all like our jobs to be made a little easier. But some Spanish forensic anthropologists have a rather big request - the creation of a global database of everybody in the world.