Ramnit worm steals 45,000 Facebook logins

Fraudsters appear to have reengineered a worm first discovered two years ago to steal the names and logins of over 45,000 Facebook users.

Moving data - Sponsored by Dell

Now that you have your Dell notebook computer - or netbook - and smartphone, it's time to learn about true mobility - moving data. If your data is stuck on your mobile device, it isn't much good, is it?

Mitsubishi hack may have compromised nuclear, military data

A recent cyber attack against Mitsubishi - one of Japan's biggest defense contractors - likely compromised military data on warplanes and nuclear power plants.

AntiSec posts stolen police data

AntiSec hackers say they've released a 10GB file of data - their largest yet - lifted from US law enforcement agencies in retaliation for recent hacking-related arrests.

Feature phones are going out of style

As the mobile handset market grows, smartphones seem to be taking center stage worldwide while the demand for feature phones begin to dwindle.

HP's allegations of data theft 'fiction', says Oracle exec

HP's allegations that a former employee stole trade secrets are a pack of lies, according to the man's lawyer, who is asking for the case to be thrown out.

'Outrageous' EU roaming prices to fall

The EU has announced measures to try and cut the high cost of data roaming within Europe.

Yes, Feds can intercept cloud data

A high-ranking Redmond exec has confirmed that data stored in Microsoft's cloud - regardless of its actual physical (server) location - cannot be protected against the U.S. Patriot Act.

Street View snooping could have been wiretapping, judge rules

A California federal judge has refused to accept Google's argument that sniffing packets from an open- unencrypted Wifi network can't possibly be described as wiretapping.

Study makes brain-like computing a step closer to reality

Computers are kind of like brains, we rely on them to do a lot of thinking for us. New research has taken the “brain-like” aspect of computers to a whole new level.

Wyo. gov’t using Google computing services

Wyoming is now the first state to rely on Google computing services for its entire executive branch of government.

Bummer: Most of us won’t be able to retire until our 80s

Did you think that you were going to be able to retire in the late 50’s to mid 60’s age range like your parents? Guess again.

IMF hit by major cyber attack

The International Monetary Fund has reportedly fallen victim to a massive hacking attack that may have led to confidential national economic data being compromised.

A TV that watches you, records your interests

Every once and a while there is a development in technology that is really interesting yet it falls through the cracks. The UTAN TV viewing interface is one of those developments.

Android’s Dream: Data

When treated as protagonists, androids fill a tale with themes of the roles and definitions of humanity. Thus, this series is taking a close look at these artificial people. Today we’re looking at Data.

Satnav maker gives data to police

Europe's largest satnav manufacturer, TomTom, has apologized to customers after admitting it sold driver data to the cops.

'3-D towers' of information double data storage capacity

A research team in France has figured out how to double the areal density of information.

World's business data nears ten zettabytes per year

We're a talkative species (some more so than others - ed.), but even so, it's something of a surprise to see just how much information's being exchanged every day on the internet - 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes per year, to be precise.

FBI insists it doesn't need digital backdoors

FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni recently told a congressional committee the bureau isn't attempting to restrict encryption protocols without integrated back doors that can be accessed by law enforcement officials.

World's store of data calculated

A University of Southern California scientist says he's worked out just how much information is being stored by the human race - and there's an awful lot of it. Two hundred and ninety-five exabytes, to be precise.