A sneak peek at Apple's Oregon data center (and solar power plant)

If Northwest media are correct, Apple is on its way to building the largest solar power plant in the state of Oregon.

Facebook tipped to be behind mega data center buy

For a while there has been speculation as to who is building what looks to be a super data centre in Altoona.

Can HP & Intel build the world’s most efficient data center?

As more energy management systems become automated, the search for a data center design that doesn’t gobble up absurd amounts of energy is heating up. 

Twitter goes down on eve of Olympics

Twitter says that an outage yesterday wasn't, as rumored, caused by an overload from Olympic traffic.

Apple bows to pressure over renewable energy

If you want to get Apple to do something, try dressing up as a giant iPhone. It's worked for Greenpeace, whose campaign against the company's reliance on 'dirty power' has succeeded.

Greenpeace protesters arrested at Apple HQ

Two Greenpeace activists have been arrested after a demonstration outside the company's Cupertino headquarters.

Which data center network to choose? Sponsored by Juniper

The world of work is changing. Web-based businesses are looking for ways to serve more customers. Enterprises whose employees travel are looking for ways to allow for more mobile access. And everyone, it seems, has an eye on the cloud.

Facebook likes solar power cogeneration

Facebook is teaming up with Cogenra Solar to put a solar cogeneration system in at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

FBI seizes servers in brute force raid

The FBI seized a number of web servers during a recent data center raid in Reston, Virginia - a facility used by the Swiss-based hosting company Digital One.

Amazon outage down to hardware failure, not DDoS

Amazon's European websites were down for a short period yesterday, in what the company says was a hardware failure in its European data center.