Revising Darwin's thinking on invasive species

For more than a century and a half, researchers interested in invasive species have looked to Charles Darwin and what has come to be called his "naturalization conundrum."

Evolution's 'big bang' explained by 5x faster rates

The incredible burst of innovation in animals' body plans and habits during the Cambrian explosion, between 540 and 520 million years ago, can be explained by a reasonable uptick in evolutionary rates.

Creating the perfect pop tune through Darwinian selection

Scientists from Imperial College London have built a computer program powered by natural selection, and say it can match the best pop and classical composers.

Facial expressions vary between cultures

Darwin was wrong: facial expressions of emotion aren't universal, say scientists at the University of Glasgow.

Darwin's fossil collection discovered by chance

Fossils unearthed by Charles Darwin have been discovered in a dusty old cabinet in London after being lost for 165 years.

Science Center settles lawsuit over anti-Darwin movie

The California Science Center Foundation has settled a legal dispute with a creationist organization over its decision not to screen a documentary promoting intelligent design.

Darwin's library - complete with notes - goes online

Charles Darwin's entire personal scientific library - including his own scribbled notes in the margins - is to appear online for the first time.

Darwin's predecessor 'more accurate on evolution'

Charles Darwin's theory of gradual evolution isn't supported by geological history, a New York University geologist claims.

...And Hackintosh for All

Hey now! Axon Logic is touting an $800 tablet slate. Yes, that does seem a tad expensive, right? But what if you could run OS X on it?

Team uses whole islands to test survival of the fittest

For some people, fruit flies and a tank just aren't enough. Two Dartmouth biologists have been using whole islands in the Caribbean to investigate evolution in lizards.