Should Vader return to Star Wars?

One of the many recent internet rumors about the upcoming Disney Star Wars trilogy is that Vader will be  making his return.

What price the Death Star?

Recently, several publications tried to calculate the theoretical net worth of Batman and Iron Man, including what it would cost to maintain their lifestyles and develop those cool superhero gadgets.

Mark Hamill - heroes and villains

One of the coolest things about seeing Star Wars for the first time was that the heroes were just as amazing as the villains.

Some thoughts on the passing of a Star Wars master

It’s really quite difficult to make science fiction films come alive on paper. 

A good visual presentation is crucial, and it took the artwork of Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars to finally get the greenlight at Fox.

The joy of Star Wars models and toys

Who has fond memories of playing with their (original) Star Wars models or toys? Who still wishes they had them - and not just so they could be sold on eBay for tons of cash?

Lucas needs to stop the madness

As you probably already know by now, there's been an absolutely hilarious disturbance in the Force.

Star Wars Blu-ray change confirmed

For the last week we’ve been reporting on some possible changes that have been made to the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray release. Now we can confirm at least one is true.

Darth Vader robs NYC bank at gunpoint

An unidentified man dressed in a Darth Vader suit and gnarly camouflage pants has robbed a NYC bank.

Darth Vader takes to the roads with TomTom

To coincide with what has become the semi-official Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you - TomTom yesterday launched Star Wars voice options for its navigation devices, starting with Darth Vader.