Did the Dark Knight Rises miss out on 3D?

Win, lose or draw, The Dark Knight Rises was going to make a ton of money, and it's currently one of a handful of films that's made over a billion dollars world-wide. 

The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises battle it out

Everybody knew that The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises would do huge business, but could either eventually dethrone Avatar as the #1 movie of all time? 

The Dark Knight Rises triumphs once again

It's a given that The Dark Knight Rises, the last of the Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman flicks, would do big business at the box office. 

The Dark Knight vs Ted

The Dark Knight Rises has been the number one film in the country now for three weeks straight, and good, bad or indifferent, you knew it was going to make big bucks.

What's behind the mask?

While I have mixed feelings about The Dark Knight Rises, there’s a little touch I really appreciated about the film: You never saw Bane without his mask.

Christopher Nolan bids adieu to Batman

Whatever one thinks of The Dark Knight Rises, it is quite clear that we owe Christopher Nolan a big debt  because he basically saved and reinvented the Batman franchise.

Some dark thoughts on the Dark Knight Rises

So the last Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman finally hit theaters this past weekend. Sadly, a horrible tragedy marred the experience and is casting a long pall over the film.

Nolan wants a Catwoman spinoff

One of the biggest concerns I've had with the latest Dark Knight film is Catwoman. 

It's way too easy to ruin the character by making her too silly and camping it up.

Are you ready for The Dark Knight Rises?

After months of speculation and silence, the word is out that The Dark Knight Rises will indeed end the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman series on a good note.

First Dark Knight Rises reviews are in

One of the most awaited verdicts in geekdom is finally in.

On the eve of The Dark Knight Rises

It's truly amazing that security on The Dark Knight Rises set has been so effectively maintained.

Report: Dark Knight Rises is "epic"

As we all know by now, the Internet is not the most reliable source of accurate information, and can be exploited to quickly spread rumors - whether they are true or not.

Projecting The Dark Knight Rises

It's no big news flash that The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. And you obviously don't need to be Nostradamus to predict it's going to generate a ton of cash. 

Dark Knight Rises trailer is not afraid

Warner Bros. has posted a new full-length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises.

First Amazing Spider-Man reviews are in

With so many genre movies already making their box office mark (Hunger Games, Avengers), it almost  seems like everyone has forgotten the latest Spider-Man reboot which hits theaters on July 3.

Roberto Orci talks Ender's Game

Aside from The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus, it's hard to think of a genre movie that's more anticipated than the big screen adaptation of Ender's Game, originally written by Orson Scott Card.

The Avengers hit a billion

You knew The Avengers was going to have a good second weekend, but this good?

The Avengers are already breaking records

As we've been reporting in recent weeks, fan anticipation for The Avengers is borderline insane.

The Hobbit disappoints at CinemaCon!?

This week CinemaCon was held in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, with practically every big, upcoming genre movie making an appearance.

Dark Knight Rises is IMAX’IN out

The opening segment of the original Dark Knight with the Joker pulling off the bank robbery really was quite a remarkable sight.