Comics master Stan Lee takes on mobile gaming

Stan "The Man" Lee is quite a remarkable personality - as well as an old time comics master at the ripe old age of 90.  

Indiana Jones is headed to IMAX

Although it may often be too much to take in all at once, seeing a movie in IMAX can be a hell of an experience.

Ender's Game headed to IMAX

With the movie business in a constant state of flux, it's no wonder we've been hearing so much about tech like 3D and 48 frames per second. 

The Hobbit treads carefully at 48 FPS

As we've previously reported, there's been quite a lot of controversy over The Hobbit being shot at 48 frames a second, which Peter Jackson feels will revolutionize movies. 

The lucrative business of superheroes

The recession took down a lot of businesses, and movies got hit hard as well. 

But now with the economy slowly bouncing back, movies are breaking records at the box office, thanks to the help of superheroes.

Making way for The Dark Knight and Total Recall

As discussed recently on TG, when two or more blockbusters are vying for the same release date, it is often a big game of chicken to see who’s going to get out of the way first. 

Marvel vs. DC: Who came out on top?

With Marvel fielding the third biggest movie of all time with The Avengers, and DC about to have a huge smash with The Dark Knight Rises, you just know the two films are going to be compared to each other.

The Avengers now #3 movie of all time

We all knew from the tracking reports that The Avengers would be a big movie, but the film has actually been insanely successful.

Would the Riddler have worked in the Dark Knight?

The current round of Batman films are due to end this July with The Dark Knight Rises, and it's really too bad we won't see Christopher Nolan bringing to life many of the villains we still haven't seen on the big screen.

IMAX: From Dark Knight to Star Trek 2

IMAX was given a big boost when Chris Nolan used the format in the original Dark Knight alongside regular 35mm footage.

Running the Dark Knight marathon

AMC will be screening a mega-Dark Knight Marathon right before the release of Rises on July 20. 

From Dark Knight to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

We write about "anticipation" all the time here on TG, and when it comes to a hot movie or video game, geek anticipation can certainly get pretty intense.

The laugh tracks of Dark Knight and Natural Born Killers

I never really liked the movie Natural Born Killers, but there was always one scene I thoroughly enjoyed.

On Christian Bale and the Dark Knight

As much as we love the Christopher Nolan Batman films, they will be coming to an end this July when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.

The 2012 comic films comeback

What a difference a year makes. Yes, the Avengers has been a huge money making and crowd pleasing hit on a level we haven't seen in a long time. 

The Batmobile goes on tour

When Chris Nolan took over the Batman franchise, one of the most interesting changes he made was to the Batmobile. 

The cost of a modern genre blockbuster

If you were around in the 1970’s, you may recall there was a lot of anger near the close of the decade when a lot of movies were going over budget.

A promising slate of genre flicks at Fox

Some CinemaCon 2012 footage, like The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall, went over very well, while The Hobbit received very mixed notices because it was shot with a new technology, 48 frames a second.

Dark Knight before the Avengers?!

The news has just broken that The Avengers is indeed a terrific film, and should do mega business when it hits theaters on May 4.

The methods of Dark Knight director Chris Nolan

Yes, Hunger Games and Avengers are currently the most anticipated movies of the year, but the last installment of Dark Knight is absolutely going to be a big deal when it hits theaters on July 20.