Unplugging: Musical attempts at success

This week, success has not been scarce in the music world, as musicians strive to break records, collaborate and dominate the Tony’s.

Unplugging: Metallica creates its own music festival

This week welcomed great news of new projects in the works, featuring great music fests on the way, highly anticipated new albums and just all-around awesomeness.

System Of A Down to Reunite for 2011 Download Festival [Unplugging]

Check in on the world of music with mxdwn and this week's Unplugging column. This week's column includes news on the reunion of System of a Down and more!

Merge, Domino, Beggars Group Pull Content from eMusic and More [Unplugging]

Take a look at the world of music with this week’s edition of Unplugging. This week, we look at several independent labels’ decision to pull their content from eMusic, Arcade Fire’s new video directed by Spike Jonze and much more!

Descendents Reunite to Headline Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and more [Unplugging]

Welcome to this week's edition of Unplugging! It's been a positively huge week for news and we have all the biggest headlines for you happening all over the world of music.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces Full Lineup and More [Unplugging]

Is it Friday already? Wow. Time to unplug and get ready for the weekend. Workers of the world unite, and party!

Gorillaz Announce First World Tour And More [Unplugging]

TGIF is the new carpe diem. Time for us to take a tour of the menagerie of music with Unplugging. We are so chill, y'all.