Get on your bike and save the world?

The European Cyclists' Federation has taken the trouble to calculate just how far greenhouse gas emissions could be cut if we all followed their example.

'People-powered poo pump' could clean up slum life

A new pedal-powered sewage disposal system could help fight diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid, its inventor hopes.

BOND bike boasts flame-thrower and ejector seat

A new bicycle to be unveiled in London next week boasts the ultimate deterrents for aggressive motorists and thieves: a flame-thrower and an ejector seat.

Pedal power charges Nokia phones

Cyclists are often into renewable energy. It's obviously something Nokia has noticed, which is why it's launched a cellphone charger that draws its energy from the cyclist's pedal power.

Google Maps gets cycle routes following petition

Google is adding cycle routes to Google Maps, allowing users to plot the best routes in 150 cities across the US.