The cyborg era has started

They are known from science fiction novels and films – technically modified organisms with extraordinary skills, so-called cyborgs. This name originates from the English term “cybernetic organism”.

Russian plutocrat wants to create machines with human minds

In what looks like a Dr Who plot made real, a Russian billionaire wants to use his wealth to build a cyborg. Dmitry Itskov, who does not own a zeppelin, wants to make humans immortal by merging them with machines.

Scientists create 'cyborg' human flesh

Harvard scientists have, for the first time, merged human tissue with a  network of bio-compatible nanoscale wires to create 'cyborg tissue'.

Cyborg cockroaches power tiny fuel cells

Case Western Reserve University scientists say they've taken a big step towards the creation of insect cyborgs by discovering how an insect’s internal chemicals can be converted to electricity.

The colors of Justice League #1

The New 52 is DC's attempt to refresh its readership by restarting all of their titles at once in a new version of the shared DC universe. Justice League #1 - released this week - is the first book in the new line.

WIMM Labs wants to turn you into a cyborg

WIMM Labs is currently in the process of designing a new class of connected micro devices in wearable form factors.

Research suggests we might be able to mix computers and neurons soon

The path to combining man with machine into a real cyborg may be a little bit clearer thanks to new scientific research.

Not a joke anymore: RoboCop statue to be built in Detroit

It’s a good day to be a geek in Detroit. It only took six days of online fundraising to bring a RoboCop statue to the Motor City.

Swedish geek wants to be a cyborg

Swedish geek extraordinaire Martin Magnusson has designed a rather fashionable wearable computer for aspiring cyborgs.