Major cybercrime ring busted by Europol

The European police agency Europol has confirmed that it successfully dismantled one of the most efficient cyber crime organizations in operation. 

China says it's a big cybercrime victim too

Well, doesn't your heart just bleed. China's claiming that, last year, it was the victim of nearly half a million cyberattacks.

Cybercrime costs soared in past year

After a rather eventful year that's seen many massive cyberattacks, a new survey of cybercrime costs has concluded that businesses and governments are shelling out 56 percent more to clean up than a year ago.

Men lie about sex; companies lie about cybercrime

Cybercrime estimates are wildly misleading for the same reasons as surveys of mens' number of sexual partners, a Microsoft Research paper says.

FBI cybercrime agents say they aren't up to the job

Many of the staff at an FBI cyber investigation unit lack basic skills, a Justice Department report has found.

Cyberthieves copy drug trafficking protocol with "money mules"

Imagine the horror of going to bed with a bank balance of over $500,000 and waking up with zero in your account.

Feds bust international Zeus cybercrime ring

Federal and state officials have busted an international cybercrime ring allegedly responsible for stealing millions of dollars from US bank accounts.

Most cybervictims blame themselves

Feel guilty and stupid about being hit by cybercrime? You're not alone. Almost as many victims feel guilty as angry, according to a report from Symantec.

Cyber crime costs corporate America billions

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute has concluded that cyber crime costs American corporations billions of dollars per year.

Want to avoid cybercrime? Live in Detroit

They're a tech-savvy bunch in Seattle, but they're still more at risk of cybercrime than anywhere else in the US, according to a report from Symantec.

Cybercriminals' profits surge

In times of economic hardship, it's good to know one sector of the economy is booming. So hats off to American cybercriminals, who apparently doubled their takings in 2009.