WikiLeaks hit by cyberattack

The Wikileaks website was yesterday hit by a cyberattack, as it continued with the release of tens of thousands of secret State Department cables.

Chinese TV airs clip of cyberattack in progress

A TV program on a channel run by the Chinese government appears to have accidentally shown a military institute launching a cyber attack.

Cyberattacks endanger airlines more than terrorism, say experts

Cyberattacks now form the second biggest threat to aviation, according to Australian security researchers.

DoD and Homeland Security to swap cybersecurity staff

The DoD's National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have announced that they plan to share information and work jointly on cyber security.

NSA says it's not Big Brother

The National Security Agency has denied that it's planning to monitor  communications on infrastructure networks such as those for the electricity grid and nuclear power plants.

Domestic spying to protect against cyber warfare

Big Brother really is watching you, and checking your emails for evidence you may be plotting a cyber attack on the US government, according to a declassified summary of project Einstein, the US National Security Association’s program to protect the States from cyber warfare.

Massive cyberattack hits systems worldwide

A new type of Trojan has attacked 750,000 computers around the world, affecting 2,500 companies and government agencies.

Cyberattack cripples US (You mean you missed it?)

Yesterday, a massive cyberattack took place against the US.