Amazon wants the government in its cloud

Amazon is now offering cloud-based services to the U.S. government.

PrivateSky guards online exchanges from unwanted eyes

On Wednesday a free service called PrivateSky was launched. It lets Internet users shield email, Facebook updates, and other exchanges from Internet snoops.

Analysis: Consumer Watchdog’s complaints against Google

Consumer Watchdog has taken their public war of words with Google to a whole new level. The group’s recent 32-page report generates complaints that suggest Google is benefitting from US corporatism.

Dems try to get serious about cyber-security

A number of Democratic heavyweights are reportedly gearing up for a campaign to promote the benefits of cyber-security legislation.

US Navy outlines cyber-security strategy

Navy Chief Information Officer Robert Carey has outlined several possible approaches to improving cyber-security within the sea branch of the US armed forces.