Headline: $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro. Truth: more like $199.

The great thing about Internet content is that it is superficial and if you dig deeper you'll find that it ain't what you think it is. Unless it is pictures of cute cats. No one gets that wrong. So, beware all those headlines about bargain Windows tablets.

Feds crack down on Cyber Monday fraudsters

US and European law enforcement agencies yesterday seized 132 domains that exploited Cyber Monday holiday shoppers by allegedly selling counterfeit goods.

Security firms warn of UPS scam

Online shoppers are being warned to beware of a phishing scam which exploits this week's shopping frenzy by sending an email purporting to come from UPS.

Black Friday sales swell, mostly online

Retailers rejoiced this past weekend as Black Friday sales jumped ahead of last year's numbers, but it was mostly due to a huge increase in online sales.

Black Friday online hits $648 million

Everyone thinks of Black Friday as the day where hundreds of people line up outside Walmart and Best Buy, but it was the people sitting comfortably in their heated home that saw the highest amount of growth for the shopping holiday. It's a sign that leads to what could be a cataclysmic level of sales for today, the most prolific online shopping day of the year.