Obama spends more on cyber defense

US president Barack Obama has promised to increase spending to protect US computer networks from internet based attacks.

US big business worried about China bans

US businesses are starting to get a little worried about what's seen as a new spirit of McCarthyism which is starting to kick off in Washington.

US considers annihalating hackers

The US military is wondering if it is OK to kill hackers who are using their skills to bring down important infrastructure.

Iran braces for more cyber attacks

A high-ranking Iranian minister says his country is bracing for more damaging cyber attacks by the United States, Israel and Britain.

Report: Obama accelerated cyber attacks against Iran

The Obama administration reportedly ordered "increasingly sophisticated" cyber attacks against Iranian networks linked to nuclear enrichment facilities. 

Pentagon remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks

A senior defense official has acknowledged that the US Department of Defense (DoD) is "capability-limited" within the cyber realm.

AntiSec pledges additional attacks

Hackers operating under the AntiSec banner have pledged to launch a slew of cyber attacks over the holiday weekend in an act of solidarity with WikiLeaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning and other prisoners.

Gannett cyber attack targets U.S. troops

A Gannett Co database was hacked recently. The database contained information about some of their subscribers who also happen to be U.S. military personnel.     

China's army creates an online war game

China already has a cyber-warfare team, so what’s their next logical step in technology assisted warfare? It’s an online war game.

DoD sees "disruptive" cyber threats

Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III believes the U.S. is facing a new generation of "disruptive" cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks target political websites

A new generation of cyber activists are focusing their attention on executing politically motivated digital attacks.

General says cyber attacks must be stopped

Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark has confirmed a "growing number" of severe cyber attacks against US government and commercial installations.