Apple "has lost its vision"

Former Microsoft chief operating officer Bob Herbold thinks Apple might be losing its vision. Now that Steve Jobs is gone, so is the magic, apparently.

Report: Apple revamping iPod Touch

Apple is reportedly revamping its stalwart iPod Touch. 

The latest iteration of Cupertino's popular media player will apparently include components from both the next-gen iPhone and existing iDevices like the iPhone 4S.

Former AMD chip architect now at Apple

Former AMD chip architect John Bruno, who was heavily involved in designing the x86-based Trinity Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), is now a system architect at Apple.

Report: Next-gen MacBooks go Nvidia

A new report indicates that Apple has chosen Nvidia GPUs to power its next-gen MacBooks.

Report: Nvidia clinches MacBook GPU deal

Nvidia has reportedly clinched a lucrative deal with Apple to provide GPUs for Cupertino's upcoming MacBook refresh.

New images emerge of Apple super-campus

The City of Cupertino has released more information and images of Apple's planned circular office building - widely described as looking like a UFO.

Apple builds real-life walled garden

Steve Jobs gave another presentation yesterday, the day after delivering a keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference - to the Cupertino City Council.