USA tops on internet front: Antarctica not far behind

The CIA World Factbook is a really useful resource for discovering information about places you’ve never been.

USB sticks defy Cuban government

The Cuban government's strict censorship programmes are being wiped out by bloggers armed with USB sticks.

Cuba finally switches on undersea cable

Cuba appears to have turned on the first submarine cable to connect it to the internet, nearly two years after it was completed.

Cuba launches Wikipedia rival

Fed up with the capitalist lies that permeate Wikipedia, the Cuban government has set up its own alternative.

Cuba outraged over Black Ops assassination scene

The Cuban government is outraged over a violent CoD: Black Ops scene in which US special forces are ordered to kill a young communist revolutionary known as Fidel Castro.

Treyarch preps CoD: Black Ops for unknown mission

Activision studio Treyarch has announced that the next installment of the popular Call of Duty franchise will carry the name and rank of Black Ops when it is released on November 9.