Sprint distracted driving app: pay money to not use your phone

The idea of paying a monthly fee to have your phone limit what you're able to do seems a bit counter-intuitive, but that hasn't stopped Sprint from introducing its Sprint Drive First service.

Expedia launches new hotel app

If you've ever been on a road trip and need to book a hotel in the middle of nowhere to take a break, Expedia has just the thing you're looking for.

Sprint makes history again with fastest 3D 4G phone

AT&T may be the first to launch a '4G' phone phone with 3D capabilities to the market, but Sprint says AT&T's network is really just 'faux G.'

Samsung adds two to Galaxy Tab portfolio

Samsung has just announced a complete overhaul to its Galaxy Tab line of tablets, not only introducing two new models but also with an expansive shakeup to the software on the back end.

We take the Xperia Play for a spin

I finally got my hands on Sony Ericsson's upcoming "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play, and after a solid play session I am hooked.

AT&T announces its own glasses-free 3D phone

Just in time for this week's CTIA conference in Orlando, AT&T has announced two brand new smartphones, one of which it promises will be the first "glasses-free 3D" phone to hit store shelves.

Rumor: Sprint to reveal 3D 'Evo' phone this week

Sprint has struck gold with its 'Evo' brand of 4G smartphones, and it looks like it's about to throw glasses-free 3D technology into the mix.