Galactic geysers erupt halfway across the sky

Astronomers have discovered enormous outflows of charged particles from the centre of our galaxy, moving at supersonic speeds.

Bonanza! Ants and termites poop gold

Ants and termites could be pressed into service as tiny gold miners, say researchers, who have found them excreting miniature nuggets in their mounds.

Black hole jet erupts at near light speed

Astronomers have snapped a supersonic jet of material blasting over two million light years from the centre of a distant galaxy.

Ball lightning explained - and it's not antimatter or aliens

Australian scientists have come up with a new theory to explain the eerie phenomenon known as ball lightning.

Astronomers find first-ever middle-sized black hole

Astronomers have identified the first known 'middleweight' black hole, after spotting outbursts of super-hot gas with CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array.

Some of universe's missing matter found

There's more atomic hydrogen in space than thought - but still not enough to solve the dark matter problem.

Ocean salinity shows water cycle is accelerating

Dry places are getting drier and wet ones wetter, say scientists, as the global rainfall and evaporation cycle accelerates.

Fewer stars form as galaxies run out of gas

Galaxies are running out of the basic building blocks of stars. The universe is forming fewer stars than it used to, and an Australian research team says the reason is a shortage of molecular hydrogen.

Pirate threat forces scientists to turn to Navy for help

Scientists are turning to the Australian and US navies to help protect them from Somali pirates in the western Indian ocean.

Astronomers glimpse birth of mega-stars

Using a CSIRO radio telescope, astronomers have caught an enormous cloud of cosmic gas and dust in the process of collapsing in on itself. They hope the discovery could help establish how massive stars form.