Software identifies dodgy crime scene gawpers

It's true, apparently, that criminals - especially arsonists - often return to the scene of their crime, as do IED bomb makers in the Middle East.

Teenagers jailed over 'Facebook for criminals'

Two British schoolboys have been jailed for running a website that provided a forum for criminals.

Wikileaks gets banking data from Swiss accounts

A former Swiss banker has handed over the data from 2,000 accounts to Wikileaks head Julian Assange. The accounts supposedly belong to powerful, well-known people.

Apple iTunes plagued by nefarious scammers

Cyber criminals are exploiting an alleged iTunes security breach to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

Verizon geezer rages against something unimportant

An outraged Verizon employee known as "Wade" recently announced that he was "drawing a line in the sand" against unqualified "criminals" masquerading as security researchers.

Technology forces career change on burglars

It's a common complaint that new technology has drastically altered many job descriptions.