Woman tries to sell son on Craigslist

A 29-year-old single mom from Texas was arrested after it emerged that she tried to give away (or sell) her son on Craigslist. 

4.5 million sign SOPA petition

It seems as if the virtual shutdown of Wikipedia, Craigslist, and other sites yesterday has done its job in the public eye.

Websites go dark in SOPA protest

There are big gaps in the internet today, as Wikipedia, Craigslist and other sites black out in protest at the Stop Online Piracy (SOPA) bill.

Craigslist strippers in exotic heist

Two Minneapolis men who hired a pair of exotic dancers (read strippers) on Craigslist were robbed at gunpoint just minutes after the women arrived at their Uptown condo.

Is crime on Craigslist worse than in Oakland?

We’ve all heard the Craigslist horror stories where some shady criminal lures an innocent victim to a hotel room where he cooks her in a stew a la Craigslist killer. Stories like this may not be so farfetched, as recent statistics released by the AIM Group claim the site is linked to 330 crimes, including 12 murders and 105 robberies.

Craigslist shutters erotic services ads worldwide

Craigslist has finally bowed to pressure and closed all its 700 adult services sections around the world.

Craigslist shutters adult site after pressure from Congress

Craigslist has bowed to pressure and permanently removed its adult services ads in the US, after a House Judiciary subcommittee heard yesterday that the site had been used for child sex trafficking.

Expert: Censoring Craigslist won’t stop prostitution

Danah Boyd has dedicated a large portion of her life to ending violence against women and children. She hates the type of scum who would victimize others through the sex-power matrix, domestic violence, and nonconsensual prostitution.

Craigslist pulls its 'adult services' section

Craiglist has bowed to pressure to shut down its adult services listings, replacing the section with the word 'censored'.

EBay pulls ads site after sex allegations

Ebay has taken down its Spanish classified ads site Loquo, after Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster accused it of touting prostitution.

Teen turns old phone into $9,000 Porsche through Craigslist

While most people are complaining about the economy like old crotchety people, some people are actually using it to their advantage - like 17-year-old Steven Ortiz who got a Porsche without spending any money.

Craigslist still profiting from prostitution, says official

Connecticut's Attorney General has slapped a subpoena on classified ad site Craigslist, suggesting it may be profiting from prostitution.

Sex ads give Craigslist $36 million?

Sex ads on Craigslist provide about a third of the company's revenue, which will bring in $36 million to the simplistic online bulletin board. That's a problem for at least one attorney general.