Grail probes reveal deep crack in moon

NASA's twin Grail probes have revealed the surface of the moon in unprecedented detail, showing unbelievably deep cracks, craters and tectonic structures.

Oxi addiction a growing problem in South America

Oxi - a relatively new addition to the South American drug scene - is more potent, cheaper and deadlier than crack cocaine.

Slide-on cases can crack iPhone glass

Apple may have another big iPhone 4 problem on its hands, with reports that the engineering team are scrabbling to deal with numerous complaints over cracked glass on the back of the phone.

ElcomSoft cracks BlackBerry encryption

ElcomSoft has coded a "password breaker tool" to unlock backups created by RIM BlackBerry smartphones. The utility - which is supposedly targeted at forensic investigators - also offers support for cracking a wide range of iOS-based devices.

Hackers crack HDCP code

Hackers have managed to crack an Intel-developed encryption code that is currently used by a number of industry heavyweights to secure high-definition video content and devices.

Dude, where's my PS3 jailbreak?

W00t! The PS3 - which is locked down tighter than Fort Knox during a Democratic fundraiser - has allegedly been jailbroken.