Feds crack down on Cyber Monday fraudsters

US and European law enforcement agencies yesterday seized 132 domains that exploited Cyber Monday holiday shoppers by allegedly selling counterfeit goods.

EU throws out ACTA anti-counterfeiting treaty

The EU has rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), following massive public opposition.

Microsoft sues big UK retailer for 'counterfeiting'

A major British electrical retailer has been accused of manufacturing and selling counterfeit Windows recovery disks.

China finds 5 fake Apple stores in one city

Chinese authorities have discovered more fake Apple stores. The city of Kunming happens to have five of them.

Invisible transistors protect bills from counterfeiting

Counterfeiting paper money - which used to only require a color printer and some special paper - has become harder and harder to execute. 

ACTA draft draws cautious welcome

A '99 percent complete' version of the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been released, in an effort to reach accord on how to stop the global trade in pirated goods.

New $100 bill uses thousands of lenses, has a 3D effect

The US Treasury Department has introduced a new makeover to the $100 bill, which now has moving images, 3D effects, and changing colors as the most robust anti-counterfeit note in the country's history.

Microsoft takes on software pirates with regional crime labs

Microsoft has established nine regional crime labs around the world to counter the supposed scourge of software counterfeiting.

MPIAA, RIAA call for draconian new anti-piracy measures

Movie companies and recording companies are calling for spyware to be installed on all computers to detect and delete pirated material.