Global warming turned Sandy into superstorm

Last October's Superstorm Sandy was made far worse by the melting of Arctic sea ice, new research suggests.

3D printer used to build functioning ear

Cornell bioengineers and physicians have created a fully-functioning artificial ear, using 3D printing and injectable molds.

Flying robot navigates for itself

Cornell researchers have created an autonomous flying robot that they say can maneuver around obstacles as efficiently as a bird.

Melting Arctic ice will bring colder winters

As Arctic sea ice melts through global warming, Americans can expect - paradoxically - to see more severe winter weather.

Scientists develop healthier cigarette

As many of us realise that, yet again, our New Year's resolutions have gone up in smoke, Cornell University researchers say they can make cigarettes safer.

Two chatbots attempt polite conversation (video)

"I am not a robot. I am a unicorn." No, it's not a rejected song from the Magical Mystery Tour or a line from The Prisoner, it's part of a wonderfully surreal conversation between two chatbots.

Team builds working 'temporal cloak'

A team at Cornell University has succeeded in actually building a 'temporal cloak' which makes events invisible.

Facebook makes people pleased with themselves

Many things that are bad for you in large quantities can be good in moderation.

Cornell device prints out meals

Boy, I wish I'd had one of these over the Christmas weekend: a 3D printer that simply prints out your dinner.

Study finds evidence for psychic abilities

A Cornell University academic and part-time magician says he's found evidence that people may have psychic powers.