Feds seize streaming sites in Super Bowl crackdown

US law enforcement officials have kicked off a crackdown against unauthorized sports streaming sites by seizing a number of domains ahead of Super Bowl weekend.

Commentary: Bill makes embedding YouTube videos illegal

Some US senators are floating a bill that would modify the civil and criminal sections of current copyright law. It would also make embedding YouTube videos illegal.

Anonymous targets Obama admin over censorship claims

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have kicked off a digital campaign to protest U.S. legislation aimed at downing websites suspected of copyright infringement.

Opinion: BitTorrent crackdown is Big Media fascism

The government is shutting down Web sites and it looks like they don’t need a law on the books to claim the authority to micromanage the Internet on behalf of Big Media companies.

A very bitter Viacom says Youtube verdict was "flawed"

Viacom, otherwise known as the corporate crybaby that hates Youtube more than anyone else, has officially filed the motion for appealing a landmark ruling against Youtube in which it was shut down of its hopes to bilk $1 billion from the video sharing site.

Judge says penalty unconstitutional in music piracy case

Judge Nancy Gertner said that although she agreed with the guilty verdict against PhD Student Joel Tenenbaum, the idea of paying $675,000 just for sharing music was way too excessive.

Microsoft sues UK company over Xbox 360 controller

Datel Design's third-party Xbox 360 controllers, which are stocked at thousands of stores in the US, may be infringing on a whole bunch of Microsoft copyrights.