Report: Futuristic copper foam batteries get more bang for the buck

People use their GPS apps, cameras, and mobile internet to navigate strange cities in search of good coffee, record "selfie" commentary while they wait in line, and upload their videos directly to social media sites while they sip their latte. But no amount of high-tech savvy can save a well-loved device from dying when its battery is drained.

Nanoparticles 'no threat to health'

There's no need to worry about the effects of nanoparticles on human health, it appears - we've all been surrounded by them for years.

Copper nanowires could lower touch screen costs

Using films made of copper nanowires could cut the cost of touch screens, LEDs and solar cells, while allowing the development of foldable electronics and improved solar cells, according to new research.

Will the real Thunderbolt please stand up?

Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol will likely remain copper-based - rather than fiber optic-powered - for the foreseeable future.

Copper thefts skyrocket as prices increase

Incidents of copper theft have skyrocketed in recent months as the price of the ductile metal continues to significantly increase in value.

DNA zip codes helps scientists track endangered sharks

With the popularity of shark fin soup in Asia, shark populations all over the globe are being threatened with slow extinction.

Intel says initial Light Peak builds will be copper

Intel recently confirmed that its Light Peak interconnect technology is ready for deployment.

Black market demand increases for lucrative copper wire

When people think about the illegal movement of goods, they think drugs, cash, maybe people. But copper? 

Intel photonics link hits 50 Gbps

Intel researchers have developed a silicon-based, optical data connection prototype capable of transferring up to 50 gigabits per second.

Copper nanowires promise cheap, flexible screens

Imagine a foldable iPad: it's perfectly possible, say Duke University scientists, who have found a simple way to make tiny copper nanowires in quantity.