Cooling microprocessors with carbon nanotubes

“Cool it!” That’s a prime directive for microprocessor chips and a promising new solution to meeting this imperative is in the offing. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a “process friendly” technique that would enable the cooling of microprocessor chips through carbon nanotubes.

Report: Pollution can actually cause global cooling

Scientists at the University of Manchester says that natural emissions and manmade pollutants may have an unexpected cooling effect on the world's climate by making clouds brighter.

This supercomputer center uses geothermal cooling

With all the coverage in North America about the questionable practice of hydraulic fracking to dislodge trapped oil and gas deep underground, the idea of drilling down to precious aquifers to use cool groundwater as a method to control building temperatures can make many environmentalists squeamish.

Spaceplane engine passes crucial test

British engineers have completed a series of critical tests on the key technology for Sabre, an engine which will enable aircraft to reach the opposite side of the world in under four hours.

Small volcanic eruptions can cool global climate

Even minor volcanic eruptions can release enough aerosols into the atmosphere to affect global temperatures, thanks to a boosting effect from weather systems such as monsoons.

Eastern US avoiding climate change

Particulate pollution over the eastern United States, dating from the late 20th century, has caused a colder patch where global warming has been held back.

New-found particle could help cool Earth

A long-hypothesized particle which could cool the planet by cleaning up the atmosphere has finally been discovered.

Tiny ribbons could cool computers

Engineers at Vanderbilt University say they've found a new cooling technology for computer chips, lasers and other devices.

GE taps jet engine cooling technology in LED bulbs

GE scientists and researchers at the University of Maryland have designed a prototype 1,500-lumen LED bulb that taps jet engine cooling technology to prevent overheating.

Blizzard codes Starcraft 2 overheating fix

Is Starcraft 2 causing your gaming rig or laptop to overheat? Well, you may be able to cool that blazing system down with just two simple lines of code.

What the Generation 2 iPad should look like

I’ve been watching the feeds from folks who bought the initial wave of non-3G iPads (why you would get one of these without 3G is beyond me) and think we can come up with an initial list of things that folks will want in generation 2.