Ming Mecca offers analog control of your digital world

A company known as Special Stage Systems has rolled out a rather interesting product that will be sure to appeal to hard-core gamers and hobbyists alike.

Video: Modding the all-in-one Atari 2600 controller

Those of us who grew up in the 1980's fondly remember all the time we spent playing video games on the stalwart Atari 2600.

Xbox 720 controller remains the same

Sony may have redesigned its flagship controller for the upcoming Playstation 4 (PS4), but it seems as if Microsoft has chosen to leave its Xbox 360 controller mostly untouched.

Report: Sony PS4 may support cross-platform interactivity

Rumors about the PlayStation 4 continue to swirl around the Internet ether and will do so until Sony officially unveils its next generation game console.

Sony patent details EyePad controller

Patent applications can be very interesting to peruse as they often foreshadow advanced technology that will appear in future devices.

Alleged PlayStation 4 controller reports surface

Reports and rumors about Sony's next-generation PlayStation, typically known as the PlayStation 4 (PS4), have been flying for months now.

Ouya tweaks console controller in redesign

Any experienced gamer can tell you that bad controls or a poorly designed controller destroys the overall experience.

Does a Wii make you meaner than an Xbox?

Playing a video game on a Wii could make you play more aggressively than if you were using an Xbox for the same game.

Report: Sony PlayStation 4 may ditch DualShock gamepad design for biometric sensors

With the next-generation PlayStation game console expected to debut later this year, rumors about the engimatic system continue to build.

Video: Moga Android gaming controller is in the wild

The Moga Mobile Gaming System - which supports smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 - began shipping this past week.

iCade 8-bitty mobile gaming controller now shipping

ThinkGeek first began showcasing its iCade 8-bitty mobile gaming controller earlier this year.

SteelSeries launches mobile gaming gear for Android and iOS

SteelSeries has officially rolled out its new mobile wireless controller along with a Flux headset.

Android iMpulse game controller gets kickstarted

I'm sure there are plenty of gamers out there who aren't exactly thrilled with the current state of touchscreen controls for mobile devices.

PowerA Moga Android gaming controller launches in late October

Android game controller launches on October 21.

Ouya Kickstarter hits $7,914,776 as new details emerge

Personally, I have my doubts about the long-term viability of the recently announced Android-powered Ouya game console.

GameKlip turns your Android smartphone into a portable console

One of the biggest problems mobile gamers have with their smartphones are the controls, or lack thereof.

New game controller tugs on players' thumb tips

University of Utah engineers have designed a new kind of video game controller that gives players the sensation of the tug of a fishing line, the recoil of a gun or the feeling of ocean waves.

Motion controllers are bad for your health

Interactive gaming can be seriously bad for your health, according to researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Rambus optimizes DDR3 memory controller for HDTVs

Rambus has introduced a high-performance, low-cost DDR3 memory controller for HDTVs, Blu-ray players and digital set-top boxes.

Sony Move set to hit US shelves in September

Tired of playing with your Wii? Well, don't worry - Sony's Playstation Move is set to hit US shelves on September 19th.