EE announces pricing for UK's first 4G network

Pricing's been announced for the UK's first 4G network, run by EE: and while it starts low, there's no unlimited data plan available, making it expensive for some.

Google finally defeats Microsoft in government contract battle

Google, partnering with Onix Networks, has won a major contract from the Department of the Interior, after threatening to sue the agency for bias.

Facebook claims emails disprove Ceglia ownership claims

Facebook is asking a federal judge to throw out the lawsuit by Paul Ceglia claiming that he's entitled to half of the company.

Apple founding papers sold for $1.6 million

The contract that saw the inauguration of Apple as a company has sold for just under $1.6 million - over ten times the pre-sale estimate.

Facebook claims to have proof that Ceglia contract is a fake

Facebook says it's found the 'smoking gun' that proves Paul Ceglia faked the document he says proves he owns a majority of the company.

Facebook contract is 'cut and paste job', says Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has told a New York court that he never even discussed Facebook with Paul Ceglia, the man claiming a huge stake in the company, let alone signed a contract relating to it.

NASA to pay Russia more for ISS trips

NASA's extended its deal with the Russian Federal Space Agency over transport to the International Space Station - but the cost of a ticket has gone up.

Google calls govt anticompetitive (yes, that's the right way round)

Google is suing the US Department of the Interior, saying it shouldn't have made up its mind in advance that it wanted a messaging solution based on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.

Dell Streak dated and priced

Dell has confirmed that its long-awaited Streak tablet will be available for US priority pre-sale on August 12, with general availability following just a day later.

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook contract was forged

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially disputed claims that he signed away a majority stake of his $25 billion dollar company to the owner of a wood-pellet fuel store in upstate New York. 

Buy a battery, get an iPad free

Apple is so determined that its users shouldn't touch its batteries that it's promising a free replacement iPad to anyone whose machine won't hold a charge.