Antiviral featurette has a fever dream

IFC Films has released a featurette for its upcoming contagion thriller.

Twitter use spread through face-to-face 'contagion'

Ironically, Twitter use took off across the US bacause of traditional face-to-face interaction, an MIT study shows.

The hand-wringing and hand-washing of Contagion

Contagion is a well-wrought cautionary tale.

Can Contagion help The Stand?

Good buzz has been building for Steve Soderberg’s new movie Contagion, and it proves Soderberg can handle a wide variety of stories well as a filmmaker.

Contagion director threatens to quit Hollywood

Contagion director Steven Soderbergh has said it, downplayed it, then recently said it again: he's going to retire from filmmaking after his next slate of films, and work in other art forms.

Contagion teasers offers a glimpse of disaster

We recently saw the first theatrical trailer for Contagion showing up as a preview in a number of new films.