Michael Arrington resurrects enigmatic CrunchPad tablet

Atom-powered device "steamrolls" along

Qualcomm debuts "Flo" mobile television device

?No streaming, buffering or downloads

Apple tablet will have a pen

Mightier than the mouse

Real Hi-Fi for the computer

B&W releases a decent set of PC speakers

Cellphones affect the brain

Better wear a tinfoil hat

E-readers are way too expensive

Even in 2010

55 inch B&O TV a snip at $18,700

Shame the shows will still be crap

Intel Reader gizmo will read text to you

Using the Atom

Amazon releases Kindle for PC

Color my world?

Nook put into shade by delays

Cross the eyes and dot the ts

Nokia phone chargers could fall to bits

Nokia: Connecting People - to the mains

Midnight shoppers queue for Droid

Chimes at midnight for new gadget

Smartphone users make lousy partners

iPhone users are the worst

Internet users do have friends

It seems that technology is not, after all, turning us into a race of socially inadequate hermits.

iPhone jailbreakers held hostage

A hacker has hijacked a number of jail broken Iphones and tried to extort €5 from their owners.

Cops to get long range tasers

Not satisfied with having to get close to the people they want to Taser, coppers are looking at new long-range shocking gear. What could possibly go wrong?

Peek ships Twitter gadget for the terminally-sad

Peek has introduced a Twitter mobile device for social networking addicts and professional narcissists.

Start-up sues over Nook

A small start-up has picked on the might of number two book king Barnes and Noble claiming that the bookseller misappropriated trade secrets in creating the Nook e-reader.

Marvell powers next generation of e-readers with ARMADA SoC

Marvell and E Ink have introduced a "highly integrated" platform for next-generation e-readers. 

Creative Labs debuts Zii powered MediaBook

Creative Labs has debuted a prototype e-reader at its annual general conference.