Nuance grabs Spinvox

SpinVox, the "state-of-the-art" company that uses underpaid droids in a call center to translate voice messages to SMS, has been snapped up by Nuance in a $102.5 million deal.

DoE to develop Li-air batteries

Using a catalytic air cathode

Apple tablet rumors spark three percent share increase

Median price hits $242.50

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Hacker unswindles Amazon's Kindle?

Who's got the crack?

Analyst sees Apple tablet launch in March

?Estimates $600 price point

Why it May Take a Long Time to Roll out 3D in the Home

Column Really, Abbatoir!

iPhone app lets you track down bed bugs

Pest Buy

Barnes & Noble compensates the Nook hungry

We've run out, here's $100

Fusion Garage unfazed by Arrington's JooJoo lawsuit

The "sad rants" of a lost cause

Why do people buy gadgets?

Then never use them

Raytheon wants to take iPhone to war

Death? There's an app for that

Operation Chokehold targets AT&T

Revenge of the fanboys

Supreme court probes text privacy

Does you does, or does you don't

Is the Google phone the death of Android, the iPhone, or the OEM?

Column The Nexus plexus

Nook e-reader hacked and rooted

Android unleashed

US teens ignore text driving laws


Macheads create mad Microsoft rumor

Lost in translation

Apple eyes tamper-resistant hardware

Plans to detect "unauthorized" actions

Tiger Woods shows Geek Indiscretions

He is having sex, lots of it, and you are not.