March of the zombie phones

Hackers might have worked out a way of turning mobile phones into a botnet of zombies, warns security firm.

Apple 'helped Mafia to send death threats'

A man claims that Apple has helped the Mafia to send the digital equivalent of a horse's head to iPod owners who the mob did not like.

Toshiba may surrender to Blu-ray, finally

Toshiba may finally concede in the high-def disc format war if we believe a media report claiming that the company may roll out its first Blu-ray player before the end of the year. Of course, if true, this was not so much a technology issue as the company has had access to Blu-ray products since early 2006, but a strategic and certainly emotional decision to give in to the format it so hard tried to beat.

iPhone users minimise risk of getting laid

The Purity Ring is a big hit amongst teens keen to save themselves for their wedding day, but a commitment to sexual abstinence doesn't come cheap, with rings costing from $25 upwards. But now, the cost-conscious virgin can protect themselves against unwanted advances with a 99 cent iPhone application.

Apple App Store downloads top 1.5 billion in first year

Apple says customers have downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications in the first year of operations for its App Store.

Expect lots of OLED TVs by Yuletide

2016 is a fair way away, but by then the stargazers say the market for OLED panels will be worth $7.1 billion.

Rumor: Apple preps netbook tablet for October launch

Club Cupertino is reportedly planning to release a shiny touch-screen tablet in October. According to the China Times, at least three major corporations have been asked to manufacture components for the $800 device - including Foxconn, Wintek and Dynapack.

BlackBerry to get music download service

Research in Motion (RIM) is aiming to fix one of the most glaring omissions in its fight to take on Apple and Nokia, by adding a wireless music download service.

Sharp intros LED TVs

Sharp today announced what it claims to be the lowest power consumption LCD TVs available on the market today. The new Aquos TVs come in four sizes and integrate a new panel that promises “extremely deep black levels.”

Amazon lowers Kindle price point by $60

Amazon has lowered the price point of its original Kindle to $300. The Kindle - which debuted in 2007 - was initially priced at $400 and subsequently reduced to $360 in May 2008.

Palm Pre headed for Europe

The Palm Pre smartphone will be available in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain, in time for Christmas.

Nokia, Intel partnership to deliver first gadget in September

When Nokia and Intel held a press conference love-fest a week or so back, the presentations, though heavy on management speak and super, super excitement, were noticeably lacking in any detail whatsoever of actual products and even the vaguest hint of delivery dates.

S1 phone withstands elephant attack

It's been stomped on by an elephant, dunked in mud and baked in an oven, so for once we're going to go with the PR hype and say, yes, it probably is the world's toughest mobile phone.

iPhones selling like, err, hot iPhones

Apple's iPhone 3GS is hot stuff, but for all the wrong reasons, suggest reports.

Sony rumoured to be planning phone/PS3 hybrid

Sony is believed to be developing a new phone which would compete with the iPhone while offering gaming on the move.

Vodafone mulls bid for T-Mobile

Second-ranked UK mobile telco, Vodafone is reportedly eyeing T-Mobile in a bid to become the UK's number one mobile provider.

UK Government minister says iPhone is a security risk

UK Security Minister Lord West of Spithead says he won't carry an iPhone or Blackberry due to security concerns.

Apple 'makes $420 on each iPhone sold'

Industry watcher iSuppli says that the new iPhone 3GS costs Apple just $178.96 to build.

Steve Jobs making "excellent" recovery from transplant

The hospital that gave Apple CEO Steve Jobs a liver transplant said that the prognosis for his recovery was excellent.

Cellphone theft costs an arm and a leg

Civil rights watchdog Amnesty International has called on the Somali Al-Shabab armed group not to carry out amputations on four men accused of stealing cellphones in Mogadishu.