Logitech introduces rechargeable iPod dock

Logitech has introduced a rechargeable iPod-iPhone speaker dock capable of delivering up to 20 hours of listening time. The company also unveiled the S125i Portable Speaker, which weighs less than one pound and runs on AC or battery power.

Smartphone downloads to top 6.67 bn by 2014

Smartphone penetration in the US mobile markets is increasing rapidly, says Frost & Sullivan.

Firefox addon aims to save you money

An extension to browser Firefox will suggest cheaper prices for products you browse on the internet.

Dell phone 'launching in China'

A blogger claims Dell is set to announce its first mobile phone in the next few days, initially aimed at the massive Chinese market.

Sony camera decides when to take snaps

Sony's new Party-shot cameras can now do everything automatically - including deciding when to take pictures.

Anti-Kindle petition kicks off

Following the much-publicized deletion of George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, anti-DRM campaigner Defective By Design (DBD) has started a petition challenging Amazon's stance on the control and monitoring of digitized content.

Nikon touts digital camera/40-inch projector

Nikon today announced a new twist for compact digital cameras. The company’s new Coolpix S1000pj integrates a tiny projector that can display slideshows or videos with a size of up to 40 inches.

Cymru am byth

The world's first Welsh touch-screen mobile phone containing more than 44,000 Welsh words will be available from Orange next month.

Samsung expands LED lineup with the 8500 HDTV

Samsung has expanded its LED lineup with the 1080p 8500 HDTV. The new 46 and 56-inch models are reportedly capable of a 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for "extreme" detail and image depth.

Tweet about mold lands tenant in court

A real estate firm is suing a tenant after she complained about mold in her apartment via Twitter.

iPhone app gives sex offenders no place to hide

A new iPhone application allows US users to check for nearby sex offenders anywhere in the US.

New Apple tablet rumor suggests September launch

Another Monday, another Apple tablet rumor. A new report opens the week with an Apple tablet device rumor that claims the company may be aiming for a September launch. This time it is the Financial Times (FT) that the tablet will be a digital entertainment device that will be “fabulous” for watching movies. It may be time to cut out Starbucks for a few weeks again and start saving money for Apple’s next gadget.  

Motorola looks to accelerate Android development

Motorola has launched a new application accelerator program for Android.

Palm switches iTunes sync back on

Palm has released the latest version of webOS 1.1 bringing in a number of changes and improvements and - cough - accidentally re-enabling iTunes synching for owners of the Pre smartphone.

iPhone security 'too weak for business'

An iPhone developer and hacker says that the gizmos are about as useful as a chocolate teapot for corporations and government agencies because the encryption is too weak.

iPhone growth 'stunted' by AT&T deal

Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T might not be having the desired effect on iPhone sales.

iPhone suicide: is a phone worth dying for?

Opinion - Sun Danyong was 25 when he died after jumping from his 12th floor apartment in Shenzen, just outside Hong Kong.

US Traffic Safety Administration hid cellphone danger

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tried to sit on studies which proved that cellphone use presented a significant danger to drivers.

iPhone "cannibalizes" sales of traditional iPods

Apple has conceded that a decline in "traditional" iPod sales could be attributed to "cannibalization" by the wildly popular iPhone and iPod Touch. Indeed, the company sold 5.2 million iPhones during Q3, representing a staggering 626% growth over the year-ago quarter. Meanwhile, sales of the iPod Touch increased by an impressive 130%. However, the time of the iPod may be fading as the iPhone may have generated more revenue than the iPod family for the first time.

Barnes & Noble launches eBook store with Kindle killer

Barnes & Noble is going after Amazon with what the company claims is the world’s largest eBook store, holding more than 700,000 titles. Even more interesting, Barnes & Noble said that it will have exclusive rights to distribute Plastic Logic’s fantastic reader device, which may be the Kindle’s biggest threat today.