Everything everybody doesn't know about the Apple Tablet

Think you know everything about the engimatic Apple tablet? Well, think again, because there is a lot you probably don't. And there a lot of people guessing the answers. Here's our roundup of the latest and greatest Apple tablet speculation.

What's the Apple Tablet? It will be well designed

The New Scientist has an interesting take on the launch of Apple's by now very renowned tablet PC - it's pieced together a number of patents that suggest just what kind of a machine it is. Then we can add to the speculative mix all that stuff on Flurry yesterday about  the kind of applications that are likely to be used.

Apple caught playing games on overhyped tablet

A mobile apps tracking firm known as Flurry Analytics has claimed that Apple recently tested 150 games on its overhyped tablet device. 

Ballmer signs off on Apple macBookPro

It doesn’t take much to send Microsoft’s CEO, Barmy Ballmer, off the edge, but the Redmond chief handled a recent situation at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tenn like a pro. A MacBook Pro, that is.

Report: Apple chooses AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet

Apple has reportedly chosen AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet to the adoring masses.

Magical Apple tablet can also play games

The magical Apple tablet created by Saint Steven Jobs and his dedicated team of silicon alchemists has apparently been shown to high-level executives at Electronic Arts. 

Toyota goes short circuit with robots for the aged

Robots, it would appear, are clunking their way back into fashion this year, and not just as sexual companions, but also as automated carers for the elderly – or so believes Japanese car maker, Toyota, who is ready to cash in on the whole robotic rabble.

iSlate is late

The most important product in the history of everything, ever, Apple's indescribably-exciting tablet computer, is unlikely to hit the shelves before June due to battery life and reliability issues.

HarperCollins talks tablets with Apple

Amazon ought to be getting a little anxious because it appears that Apple is talking to HarperCollins about a tablet device the Cupertino company is cooking up.

Apple tablet poised to alter the course of Western civilization

Apple is poised to permanently alter the course of Western civilization with the unveiling of its "latest creation" on January 27 in San Francisco, California.

CxPi 2009: Apple (good), iTunes (bad), B&N (awesome)

The Customer Experience Index (CxPi) study for 2009 is down on iTunes, mobile phone carriers, and medical insurance.

Apple tablet described as "iPhone on steroids"

The eagerly awaited, yet still enigmatic Apple tablet will reportedly feature an "incredibly fast" ARM CPU along with an iPhone kernel.

Report: Apple prepping dual-core iPhone for April launch

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its next-gen, dual-core 4G iPhone in April 2010.

Facebook's Mafia Wars is sort of a compulsive disorder

I'm a recent convert to Facebook and was invited to join Mafia Wars - an online game - by one of my pals on the social networking site.

Apple takes a bite out of LCD and OLED supply

An interesting rumor reached the ever alert ears of TG Daily's hacks on the CES showroom floor last week, with word that Apple has snapped up all available supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch display LCD and OLED screens for its upcoming tablet.

Taser brings answer to kids' mobile meanderings

Parents  who want to shield their precious snow flakes from the perils of mobile internet might like to consider a solution from the electric stun gun makers Taser.

Porn industry embraces immersive 3D technology

CES wasn’t the only show brimming over with 3D announcements this past week, with the Adult Entertainment Expo also bursting out of the box to bring 3D content into people’s living rooms, albeit in a slightly different shade of blue than James Cameron’s Avatar.

LG outlines the future of 3D entertainment

LG representative Axel Voosen told TG Daily it will take engineers at least three years to design fully functional 3D-capable displays that do not require viewers to wear a special pair of glasses.

Moore's Law unnatural, proclaims Intel CEO

It took Intel CEO Paul Otellini only about a minute to mention Moore’s Law in his CES keynote on Thursday, remarking that the ‘law’ was “not a law of nature, but a law that reflects human inventiveness.”

Gaga goes gaga for Polaroid

Lady Gaga left her fans - and hordes of opportunistic photographers - waiting today as the popular pop diva arrived at the Polaroid conference over an hour fashionably late.