Consumer Reports hearts the Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors is riding a bit of a high mark on a wave lately, recently having very favorable first quarter financial results.

Google and Facebook ramp up lobbying spend

Google and Facebook are pouring money into Washington, spending record amounts on lobbying last year.

Consumer Reports: Purple haze not an iPhone 5 issue

Consumer Reports is defending its positive review of the iPhone 5, saying the recent flare-up about the device's camera is an issue common across many smartphones.

Consumer Reports says Apple's iPhone 5 is a winner

Apple's iPhone 5 has been ranked as "one of the best smartphones" and the "best iPhone yet" by none other than Consumer Reports.  

New iPad wins love from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports - which hated the iPhone 4 when it launched last summer - has given the new iPad top rating.

Yet again, Verizon wins and AT&T suffers

We are of course talking about the annual Consumer Reports analysis of mobile phone carriers in the US.

Consumer Reports gives thumbs up to iPhone 4S

The group that had to retract its 'recommendation' for the iPhone 4 due to the whole antennagate debacle is now praising the iPhone 4S, though it has some gripes too.

Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 is not thicker

Well color us surprised...

AT&T, again, ranked as worst mobile carrier

Despite the fact that it had one of its best years in recent history, and has attracted millions of new customers, AT&T has yer again been rated, by far, as the worst mobile phone provider in the US by Consumer Reports.

Despite Apple's arrogance, Consumer Reports still snubs iPhone 4

Even though Apple now suddenly claims that the iPhone 4's antenna problems are even less of an issue than it originally stated, Consumer Reports cannot agree with that statement.

IPhone 4 antenna: the ticking $200 million/ week time bomb

As speculation picks up that an iPhone 4 recall is inevitable, analysts say that the fix could cost Apple upwards of a billion dollars, and the tab is only going to increase as new units are sold.

Apple deletes negative forum posts

Apple has moved to suppress dissent over the iPhone 4 by deleting at least 6 critical forum threads.

Consumer Reports "cannot recommend" iPhone 4

Well, what a surprise! Consumer Reports says it can no longer recommend Apple's over-hyped iPhone 4 due to a defective antennae.

Most social network users court cybercrime, says report

The majority of social network users are posting risky information, according to Consumer Reports' latest survey.